Your life matters

So much in your life hasn’t gone as planned. You envisioned that managing relationships, excelling in your career, mindfully parenting, and balancing obligations with your family and friends would come naturally and bring pure enjoyment to your day to day life.

We believe every person is unique and deserving of peace in his or her own lives, even in the midst of pain or stress. Counseling isn’t a one size fits all process. In fact, research shows that the key to experiencing change through the counseling process is the trust formed between a person and their therapist.

To accommodate you and to expedite you on the journey toward change and self-empowerment, we’ve hand-picked a team of rock star therapists who are highly skilled and ethical to walk beside you and offer you a safe, engaging, accommodating, and empathetic environment as you’re experiencing the peace and support you deserve!

All you have to do is call.


What to Expect

When you arrive at our office, you may park in the shared parking lot in front or beside our building for easy access to our practice. Walk through the doors and find yourself at home. The comfortable seating and quiet spaces will calm your mind and heart before your session.

Your therapist will greet you in the waiting area and escort you to your session. Your first session may consist of your therapist asking a series of questions to learn more about you. In subsequent sessions, you’ll work collaboratively to develop a plan for change with practical and concrete steps. Your therapist will be by your side throughout the healing, enlightenment, and growth process.

If you have any questions, contact us directly. We’re here to help!

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