Before all hope is lost, we are here to help.

Individual counseling for Anxiety and Depression

You likely didn’t plan on feeling this way. You look around and see a ton of good in your life, but you worry so much it’s hard to enjoy it. The prevalence of social media and the fast-paced cycle of news coverage doesn’t help. Actually, it’s been hard to feel excited about much at all lately.

Everything you thought would make you happy hasn’t. Your career, your house, your friendships, your family. You might feel empty, angry, detached, lost, or broken inside. Even though you’ve been taught to power through or just to have faith that these feelings will pass, it hasn’t worked. 

Depression and Anxiety are Real

These issues involve more than worries or feelings of sadness from time to time. They’re more than a phase.  Anxiety and depression have their grip and impact on your every day life. Your sleep, your eating habits, your relationships, work productivity, and your health can all seem out of sorts.

However, rest assured that our expert counselors are specialized in helping you lift the weight that you carry. They’ll work directly, ethically, and non-judgmentally with you to find relief that lasts and help you learn how to move forward in a way that is healthy, no longer having to force yourself to get up and face the day.

Counseling Can Help

You don’t have to keep feeling this way or stuck in the same toxic routines alone. In essence, we’re here to help you learn how to cope, release the chains of the anxiety and depression, increase your social and communication skills, and embrace a better life. It all starts with a simple phone call. In our phone assessment, we’ll partner you with the best counselor for your specific needs.

Not sure what kind of help is best for you? Call 270-228-0340 to discuss your needs and we will give you resources and information to get you started!