Sometimes Your Child or Teen Needs Extra Support.

Counseling for kids and teens in Owensboro

We know that you love your child unconditionally, but have you been at a loss for how to help him or her navigate the challenges of growing up? From problems at school, with friends, bullying, coping with a diagnosis, or struggling at home, are you and your child feeling overwhelmed? Are you seeking some additional tools to keep a routine and let them know you are there for them? Are you also looking for some self-care as a caregiver to avoid burnout? The books you’ve read, the friends you’ve talked don’t seem to be enough to make a difference, no matter how hard you try.

We Understand how to help kids, teens, and their families!

Having your child or teen see a counselor who is specialized, means that your child can have someone who knows how to connect with them objectively. Help them make sense of what is going on, and develop an age appropriate plan that includes the family. From play therapy to other specific interventions for your child, tween, or teen, we offer you more peace and ease as a parent or caregiver. We also offer coping strategies and tools to help the child who is hurting, angry, misunderstood, challenging, or confused, to embrace who he or she really is and enjoy their life and relationships again in a proactive, healthy, happy way! 

Some of the common issues we help with include:

  • ADHD

  • Tantrums

  • Challenging behaviors

  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

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