Find Ease and Love Again.

Couples Counseling for All Types of Relationships

Another day, another fight. The person you once loved has become the person you avoid or loathe. Have you felt like any attempt to connect merely ends up in another door slammed, a shouting match, or the silent treatment followed by sleeping on the couch? The distance has likely been growing and so has the pain. This isn’t what you wanted, but now you don’t know what is even possible. Is this the end, or is this just a sign that something has to change? 

We help couples reconnect.

We enable couples to authentically reconnect and offer them the tools to sustain this connection. How to communicate respect, love, and commit to each other.

If you want a change, couples counseling can make a drastic difference. Our trained counselors understand what couples need to shift the day to day into something that is meaningful and connecting. Whether this is your first relationship or you’re blending your families, couples counseling will deliver the best tools to unearth the pain, heal your relationship, and move forward on a better, peaceful, loving, and connected path.

Change starts here.

Now is the time to get started. Whether it’s just you or you and your partner who want to work on the relationship, we have a counselor that can assist. 

Not sure if counseling is will help? Call 270-228-0340 to discuss your needs and we will give you resources and information to get you started!