When nothing else has helped fix the pain

Addiction Counseling Can Help

You’ve been trying to cope with life. All the stress builds and you long for an escape, but you’ve reached a point where the escape causes you more pain. Your work, your relationships, and your health can’t afford you reaching for something else to soothe the pain you feel. Whether you take more medication than is prescribed, find yourself at the bottom of a bottle at the end of a hard days work, or struggle with other addictions like shopping, food, sex or gambling, we can help.

Not all counseling is the same: when working with addictions, we offer highly trained therapists who are specialized in the latest cutting edge therapies that can help you and your family. You’ll complete an initial assessment and then develop a plan together with your therapist that will be customized to you and your needs.

If you’re ready to stop the anxiety, depression, worry, and fear and learn how to cope using your own strengths, contact us ASAP to book your first appointment. It’s time to change and take back your life!